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Whiteout Weekend Recap!

Another Whiteout is in the books, and you could not have asked for a better weekend! Perfect weather, tailgating with family and friends, a Chad Powers siting, and a 45-17 win by our beloved Nittany Lions! Here's the deal. I'm not going to try and recap the game. I drank for 10 straight hours. I'm not qualified. However, I can give you a solid recap of what the day was like from morning until about one hour from kick. It goes like this. Absolutely f'ng amazing! One of the great things about the day was being joined by Brett Gibbons from Road to CFB and Andrew Bauhs from College Football Tour who have the goal of visiting every D1 stadium in the c0untry! When I found out they were coming to Happy Valley, I immediately told them they had to tailgate with us. Many beers, burgers, wings, shots, and more beers later, I've got myself some new friends! Brett also writes for Killer Frogs on so please read about his first Whiteout experience which includes some kind words about our grilled chicken wings! Check out his story HERE!

A couple of Andrews having a good ole time!

The gang from College Football Tour and Road to CFB!

Eli Manning (tall dude in blue) trying to fight the crowds to get some 409 chicken wings!

One of the legendary Big Uglies!

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